Competition Day



Well, it is currently 6am on the day of the FitnessStar competition and I have been wide awake for the last hour going over my t-walk in my head over and over in bed. I figured I should just get up because there’s no way I could have slept until 7am.
I am first on the roster to get my spray tan (8:15am) and I am really curious to see how my tattoos will look underneath it. I’ve never had a spray tan before and all I know about them is what I’ve seen on Toddlers and Tiaras.. as embarrassing as it is to admit that I’ve even seen the show, but it looks like a chilly ordeal.
I will then go directly from my tan to get my makeup done, again, first on the list. Now that I know I will enjoy! What girl doesn’t like getting their makeup done? I am curious to see the style of makeup applied for competition shows, as I know it requires a very distinct look. Model call isn’t until noon so it will be a very long day

I cut out water yesterday at 4pm and won’t be drinking anything until after the show. I keep psyching myself out that I’m getting dehydrated but I know I’m fine. It’s so strange to go from forcing yourself to drink six litres of water a day to none at all. My breakfast this morning will consist of protein and high glycemic carbs, HURRAY! I’m having three egg whites, crispy minis and wait for it……. a Coffee Crisp bar! This will be the first chocolate bar I’ve had in five weeks. I won’t be eating anything else for the rest of the day except for a handful of sugary, delightful gummy candies backstage a few hours before my name is called to walk the runway.

There are two parts to my category, bikini wear and athletic wear. I ordered my custom made suit from which is based out of Florida. It is metallic lime green with a bunch of bling on the connectors. I am so excited to wear it! Who doesn’t love lime green? My suit will be paired with the mandatory clear heels you can find at your local adult store. My athletic wear consists of hot pink Underarmour shorts and a nice black sports bra from LuluLemon. It has nice detailing in the back and I have matching black and hot pink sneakers to go with it.

I know a few girls that will be either competing or helping out with hair backstage so it won’t be too hard waiting all day. The show starts at 2pm and runs until 8pm. I don’t know if I’m more excited for the show itself or for the nachos I plan on ordering afterward with my family, boyfriend and his family haha.
I’ve worked really hard this past year, especially the last five weeks. I look strong and healthy and ready to rock the stage! Wish me luck!!


2 thoughts on “Competition Day

  1. I keep watching the clock and wondering what you’re doing each time I look! I can envision your lime green suit on you and can see the determination and apprehension on your face from home! Every once in a while I see your smile and you encouraging others around you. I can hear your laughter from here too. I don’t know how I’m going to manage the rest of the day to finally hear how you’ve done! I’m so anxious for you, but know how far you’ve come in the past year, especially these last five weeks! You have worked so intensely hard I am here willing you to win, so I’m confident that you will do just that!

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