Fresh & Colourful Summer Dinner


This meal showcases two new recipes I found on Pinterest and they are super healthy, light and easy to make. What I enjoy most about this particular meal is the variety of colour. They say to eat a wide range of colourful food to get all the nutrients your body requires and I think this meal does just that.
So what exactly is this meal? It is quinoa sweet potato cakes, marinated tiger shrimp and baby scallops, fresh mango avocado salsa and asparagus.

Quinoa Sweet Potato Cakes:

1c mashed sweet potato
1/2c cooked quinoa
1/2 red bell pepper (small dice)
1/2c lentils (I used green lentils)
3tbsp red onion (finely chopped)
Salt & pepper to taste
1tbsp chili powder

Cook quinoa and mix in a bowl with lentils, red pepper, onion and spices. Add in mashed sweet potato and mix until well combined. Form into four patties and place on parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes, flip the patties and bake for another 10-12 minutes.

These cakes are a good source of protein and are roughly 200 calories each.

Tiger Shrimp & Scallop Marinade:

Super easy! Throw a peeled and diced mango, 1 jalapeno and a pinch of cumin and coriander into the blender. Voila!
Cover the seafood with the marinade while saving the rest as a dipping sauce without cross contaminating. This marinade should sit for at least an hour before cooking.

Mango Avocado Salsa:

*While you were preparing the red onion and pepper for the sweet potato cakes, you should have diced up some extra for this salsa.

1 avocado
1 mango
1/4c red onion
1/4c red pepper
1tsp ancho chili pepper or regular chili powder
salt & pepper to taste

Cut up all the ingredients to a small dice and mix together. You can sprinkle a little lemon juice in it to keep the avocado nice and green if you aren’t serving it right away.
This salsa is very versatile and can be served as a dip, on nachos, burgers or in chicken wraps.


I made this for my boyfriend and I and we found it was a very light and refreshing summer meal. I enjoyed the mango marinade on my sweet potato cakes as well as the shrimp and scallops. The quinoa sweet potato cakes can be served with any condiment of your choice but I found the salsa was a great touch and completed the dish. A nice white wine or champagne would go well with this meal. We finished this dinner with frozen chocolate treats served with a strawberry compote for dessert!

I had some left over salsa the next day so I mixed it up with cooked bbq chicken and used it as a nacho topping on whole grain tortilla chips before baking in the oven. Delicious!


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